Thursday, 22 April 2010

We fly out

The recent problems with the volcanic ash made me think that we wouldn't fly out on time but all airports re-opened last night and our flight was OK.

The airport was unusually quiet when we arrived to check-in at 11:30am for the 2:15pm flight. It was pretty clear that very few flights were leaving. So we were doubly lucky that the Airport was open and that our plane was one of the few that was leaving.

We were scheduled to get the 2:15pm flight to Dubai but Emirates' computers were not working so we had to do a manual check-in that took ages. We eventually took off three hours late at 5:15pm.

We travelled Economy class with Emirates, which is about the best Cattle Class that there is. The seats and leg room are decent and you get plenty of facilities, including USB charging and a power socket - and a great selection of movies. I watched "The Damned United" and enjoyed it. The food and drink are good too. You get a meal and a snack and one or two drinks on each flight.

We arrived in Dubai at 2:45am - precisely the time for our connecting flight to Singapore, so we were a little concerned that we might miss it. But it was OK. It was delayed by for over an hour and took off around 4:15am. So we were now 90 minutes behind our original schedule.